Ultimate Voice Recorder v6.0.1

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This application satisfies all your recording needs. It will let you record a voice memo, reminder/alarm or phone call anytime by simply pressing hotkeys of your own choices. Phone calls can also be recorded automatically based on your choices.
You can record arbitrarily long memo or conversations. You can also let the application automatically forward recorded clips to your default email or phone number by Email or MMS.
The application will automatically stop recording once the storage space is low on your phone and never will fill up your phone! Hotkeys work anytime, always! Free upgrades of future versions!

New In Version 6.0.1

Support Nokia S60 5th edition phones such as 5800.
Improved sound quality for call recordings, using both WAV and AMR format.
"Tape" icon can be changed to show on top of screen or bottom of screen in Settings.
Add "C" key for triggering recording in Settings.
Support installation of the application on all available drives such as C, E, F
Support recording to all available drives such as C, E and F
# codes only work on phone screen to avoid affecting other applications to use keypad such as sms, calculator.
Bug fixes in previous versions such as those affecting sms sending, not-responsive key press, auto sending.


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Ultimate Voice Recorder 5.75.5 Bug on N95

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Today I discovered a very strange bug in the ultimate voice recorder 5.75.5.
I discovered that sent messages are not saved inthe sent folder after enabling receive reports. and after several trials I discovered that this bug is related to UVR 5.75.5.

When I removed it from my n95 phone, messages started to be saved again!!
So, I replaced it by version 5.75.2 which is older but free from this irritating Bug.
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Nokia N97 vs Nokia N86 8MP

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Here is the comparison of the Nokia N97 and the Nokia N86 8MP at the N97 Blog to find out the winner of the comparison to decide which your next mobile should be

The Nokia N97 is the all round flagship and the N86 8MP is the imaging flagship of Nokia. Let’s see which handset wins where and which is better overall.

1.Design and Construction- The Nokia N97 and N86 8MP are both sliders. The N97 however is a landscape slider that reveals it’s QWERTY keypad and D-Pad when opened. The N86 8MP on the other hand is a dual slider with the keypad on one portion and the multimedia keys on the other. The N97 is larger but is thinner at some portions. The N86 8MP is more pocket-able. Overall both the handsets are even in this respect.

2.Screen- The N97 comes with a massive 3.5″ Touchscreen display(360*640 resolution) whereas the N86 8MP only has a 2.6″ screen(240*320 resolution) but the N86 8MP is equipped with an OLED screen. Still the N97 is better in this aspect.

3.Memory- N97 has 32GB of built-in memory and can be expanded using micro-SD cards. The N86 8MP comes with 8GB of internal memory and can be expanded using micro-SD cards. The N97 thrashes the N86 8MP in this respect as it already has more than 4 time the storage memory on board.

Nokia N86 8MP4.Connectivity- Both handsets perform equally as they provide all the latest connectivity features including Wi-Fi, 3G, HSDPA, Bluetooth, USB, GPRS and EDGE.

5.Keypad- The N86 8MP has a numeric keypad and mutimedia keys. The N97 on the other hand lacks multimedia keys but has a QWERTY keypad. Both serve different types of users and thus both are even on this too.

6.Camera- The N97 has a 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, LED flash and autofocus. The N86 8MP has an 8MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, dual-LED flash and variable aperture. Video recording is same in both at 30fps in VGA resolution.

7. Battery- The N97 battery looks stronger with a 1500mAH capacity in comparison to the 1200mAH capacity battery of the N86 8MP but the real life performance is yet to be seen as the N97 seems to be more power hungry due to it’s large touch screen.

8.Music- The music players are similar except that the N97 has a touch enabled one. Both have 3.5mm audio jacks for plugging standard headphones. They both have dual speakers but their performance hasn’t been compared yet.

Overall both are good performers. But the N97 seems to be better with better all round performance.

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Testing times for mobile phones

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Have you ever dropped your mobile phone, sat on it or spilt coffee all over it? Thought so.

But handsets are getting tougher these days thanks to a series of tests they go through before hitting the shops.

Watch some of the tests in action
Nokia opened its test centre doors to TV cameras for the first time to show how devices are put through their paces.
Engineers carry out more than 200 physical tests - below is a selection of the weird and wonderful ones.

Durability tests
Mobile phones have each navigation key pressed half a million times to check wear and tear.
Mobile phones are rubbed up and down a trouser leg for days
When Nokia introduced games onto some handsets, it found certain buttons were being pressed more often and harder than others.
So different pressures are now applied and the select button and number keys which are used more often get pounded a million times.
Another test aims to check how handsets perform when put in and pulled out of trouser pockets. A trouser leg is used to rub the devices up and down 750,000 times over a period lasting several days.
This is a much about testing for dust build up as it is about marking and discolouration.
Another repetitive test is manually plugging in and removing the charger for each handset at least 6,000 times.
A group of people are employed do this because, unlike machines, humans do it differently every time.
Engineers also mimic the scrapes and scratches you might get from keys or purses in a handbag. The handset is put in a revolving container with sharp items to check how it performs.

The elements
Each device is put in a lightbox and exposed to four different types of lighting, including UV, to check for any discolouring.
It is also sent into the ovens and freezers for six days - each phone must operate between -20 and 55C.
Then it is sauna time - being exposed to 95% humidity means the handset is dripping wet but it needs to work within two hours of coming out.
The best advice if you do get your mobile wet is to turn it off, take the battery out, and dry out the casing on a radiator.
Most mobiles are not designed to be waterproof but equally they should work fine when you need to take a phonecall in the rain.
Engineers check that a device remains fully functional in such a scenario by dripping water on it for three minutes.

Drop test
The classic way many of us kill our mobile phones is by dropping them. That's what some of our followers on Twitter told us:
"I dropped my phone in the front yard and my dad ran it over with a lawnmower about one min later," wrote @JerBear1984.
"Last week my brand new HTCs620 vibrated off a shelf and fell in a sink full of water when it rang," wrote @uroborosmessiah.
"I left mine on top of the car once, drove off, then realised what I'd done, reversed back straight," wrote @meerkatmatt.
Dropping a mobile phone is a typical way of damaging this device
Nokia has come up with a more scientific process to test mobile phones to destruction, except they're expected to survive.
The handset is dropped twice on each face, every corner and each edge from 1.5m onto reinforced concrete.
The back and battery may flip off, but once re-assembled the phone must work perfectly.

Physical build
Each of the sample phones must survive 120 rotations in a metre long tumble cage, and 180 in a smaller one.
The tumble is roughly the equivalent of knocking the device off a desk and it gives an idea of general durability.
There is also a twist test - a force of 40 Newton metres turns the handset until the battery cover is about to flip off.
Imagine a 15 stone (95kg) man sitting down with a phone in his back pocket. To survive this, the handset must pass a flexibility test which sees 130 Newton force being applied to it with an iron bar.
When mobile phones fail tests, they are taken to the Forensics Lab where researchers look into the reasons.
The different layers of each component are looked at, with X-rays being used to spot hairline cracks and a laser light checking the handset's exterior condition.
Plus the state of the battery is analysed by a machine that can check the chemical make-up of the phone.
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Hacking the unhackable (HelloOX 1.03 - One step hacking now!)

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HelloOX Hack - The easiest way to hack all S60v3 FP1 and FP2 phones. This hack has confirmed working on these phones and firmwares: Nokia 5320 v4.13, N95 v31.0.017, N95-1 v31.0.0.17, N78 v20.149, N82 v31,n85 v11.047,E51 v300.34.56, E66, v200.21.118, E71 v200.21.118.

1.03 update
- MapDrives no longer needed, mapping drives code is now built-in HelloOX, that's mean hacking is much more easier, one app does all the step!(credit must go to FCA00000)
- All mapped drives would remove automatic, no reboot needed for removing them
- Since ROMPatcher doesn't works on some FP2 device, installing it is now an optional for FP2 user, no patches would apply and add to autostart, must do them menual
- Some guys complain cannot play N-GAGE games, the main problem is open4all patch applied. So, all ROMPatcher patches would not add to autostart on all device, must do it menual if you want
- Install rootCerts option removed from Pre FP1 & FP1 device, because installserver is enough. if you wanna install it, please install it menual from E:\HelloOX\updaterD.sisx before uninstall HelloOX
- Install Modo(a TCB file manger by leftup) is now an optional for all device
*If you hacked your phone already, you don't have to use this update version to hack it again! An update just make this app better, it will not hack for more!*

The easiest way to hack!

One step hacking for all S60 3rd,fp1,fp2,5800:
Sign and Install HelloOX.1.03.Unsigned.sis, just run it after installed.
***must sign with a 17 capability Dev Cert***
HelloOX does all the rest for you!
Enjoy it!

What HelloOX did?

Pre FP1 & FP1:
1. Unpack exe files to E:\hack\sys\bin\
2. Map Drives
3. Install ROMPatcher
4. Apply open4all patch
5. Move installserver.exe to C:\sys\bin\
6. Install Modo (optional)
7. Remove unneeded files and mapped drives
8. Done!

1. Unpack exe files to E:\hack\sys\bin\
2. Map Drives
3. Install rootCerts
4. Install ROMPatcher (optional)
5. Install Modo (optional)
6. Remove unneeded files and mapped drives
7. Done!

1. Unpack exe files to E:\hack\sys\bin\
2. Map Drives
3. Install rootCerts
4. Install ROMPatcher
5. Apply open4all and ChangeSWIpolicyPath patches
6. Install Modo (optional)
7. Remove unneeded files and mapped drives
8. Done!

FP2 & 5800 doesn't have a working installserver yet! However, ROMPatcher working on some of them.
If RP works, the ChangeSWIpolicyPath patch can let you install some unsigned apps, otherwise please
sign your apps with leftup cert&key pair included in this package.

All credits goes to:
GANG's brothers

Thanks micke for let this proper works on fp2 device!
Thanks declanshortall for test on 5800!

and Thanks to all people who made this possible!

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Nokia N95-2 hits V31.0.015 Firmware via NSU

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N95-2 now gets V31 Firmware via Nokia Software Updater. V31.0.015 is now available for all unbranded N95-2 devices.

As per usual, no change log available just yet.

Please remember, the N95 models do not have UDP (User Data Preservation), so its vital that you back up your device prior to connecting up to NSU and upgrading your handset's firmware.

Changes noticed so far with v31.0.015

Closing of the SDK security 'hack' for jailbreaking personal devices
Minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements
Photo quality improvements
Better browser stability and speed improvements
Possibly better battery life

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List of HACKABLE and NON HACKABLE phones

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Now there are three types of phones:
1) Non-Hackable
2) Hackable if you have certain firmware
3) Hackable

Nokia and Samsung phones that can not be hacked yet, no matter what firmware version you have:
N79, N85, N96, N97(S60 5th ed.), 5800 XpressMusic Tube (S60 5th ed.), Samsung i8510, INNOV8

Nokia and Samsung phones that can be hacked if you have the right firmware:
N78 (firmware can be hacked up to version 12.046)
N78 (firmware can NOT be hacked starting version 13.052)
N81 (firmware can be hacked up to version 11.0.045)
N81 (China) (firmware can be hacked up to version 20.1.016)
N81 8Gb (firmware can be hacked up to version 20.0.056)
N81 8Gb (firmware can NOT be hacked starting version 21.0.008)
N82 (can be hacked up to version 20.0.062)
N82 (can NOT be hacked starting version 30.0.019)
N82 (China) (can be hacked up to version 20.1.062)
N82 (China) (can NOT be hacked starting version 0.1.019)
N95 (can be hacked up to version 30.0.015)
N95 (can NOT be hacked starting version 31.0.014)
E65 (can be hacked up to version 3.0633.69.00)
E65 (can NOT be hacked starting version 4.0633.74.00)
E66 (can be hacked up to version 102.07.81)
E71 (can be hacked up to version 100.07.76)
E71 (not sure about version 102.07.81)
E71 (can NOT be hacked starting version 110.07.127)
E90 Communicator (can be hacked up to version 210.34.75)
E90 Communicator (can NOT be hacked starting version 300.34.84)
5320 XpressMusic (can be hacked up to version 3.08)
5320 XpressMusic (can NOT be hacked starting version 3.26)
6110 Navigator (can be hacked up to version 5.11)
6110 Navigator (can NOT be hacked starting version 6.01)
6120 Classic (can be hacked up to version 5.11)
6120 Classic (can NOT be hacked starting version 6.01)
6121 Classic (can be hacked up to version 5.11)
6121 Classic (can NOT be hacked starting version 6.01)
6220 Classic (can be hacked up to version 3.06)
6220 Classic (can NOT be hacked starting version 03.23)

Nokia and Samsung phones that can be hacked with all current firmware versions (but this may change, so search the web before you update your firmware):
N71 (Japan) (latest firmware version: 3.0630.7.06.1)
N71 (China) (latest firmware: 4.0642.1.05)
N73 (latest firmware: 4.0812.4.3.1)
N73 (China) (latest firmware: 10.0.0)
N73-1 (latest firmware: 3.0705.1.0.31)
N73-5 (latest firmware is 4.0814.4.1.1)
N76 (latest fimware is 31.0.014)
N77 (latest firmware is 3.0827.22.0.1)
N80 (latest firmware is 5.0725.0.1)
N91 (latest firmware is 2.20.008)
N91 8Gb (latest firmware is 3.10.023)
N93 (China) (latest firmware is 20.1.058)
N93-1 (latest firmware is 10.0.025 or 20.1.058)
N93i (China) (latest firmware is 30.1.013)
N93i-1 (latest firmware is 30.0.013)
N95-3 (latest firmware is 20.2.011)
N95 8Gb (latest firmware is 30.0.018)
E50 (latest firmware is
E51 (latest firmware is 220.34.37)
E51-2 (without camera) (latest firmware is 201.34.38)
E60 (latest firmware is 3.0633.09.04)
E61 (latest firmware is 3.0)
E61i (latest firmware is 3.0633.69.00)
E62 (latest firmware versions are 3.0633.09.13 and 3.0633.31.19)
E70 (latest firmware is 2.0618.07.10)
3250 (latest firmware is ?)
5500 Sport (latest firmware is 4.60)
5700 XpressMusic (latest firmware is 5.11
)6110 Navigator (China) (latest firmware is 5.12 ?)
6290 (latest firmware is 3.03)
Samsung i550, i550w, i560

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